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Lipstick Thursday: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #17


Here we are again, my collection of YSL lipsticks is forever growing!


The previous YSL lipsticks were a more sheer formula, and this one is more opaque. It’s a nice coral colour that would suit anyone. The packaging is beautiful too. It’s a quite heavy tube and it looks really chique on your vanity. It’s a bit chunky to take with you in a bag, but then again, it’s easy to find because it is that chunky.


It’s also a nice glossy colour. It feels really nice and moisterizing on the lips and it leaves a nice stain when it wears off. The colour kind of transforms depending on what you are wearing, it could be looking a bit more pink or orange depending on your makeup and clothes.
The wear of it isn’t that long, but considering it’s a glossy lip product, it’s to be expected.
Oh, it does have a scent though, which is quite sweet, if you are sensitive to scents than try it out in the store before you order or buy!


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