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Review: Dove Intensive Body Lotion


I’ve got really dry skin. Like, horribly dry. I still have traumatized memories from when I was a wee lass, where my parents and grandparents slathered me in goose fat. Yes. Goose fat. And every time I can smell goose fat I just get freaked out. Now, years later, did I find my holy grail body lotion?

Dry skin isn’t fun. It’s horrible, it’s flakey, and if I don’t use body lotion, I sometimes start to bleed. It’s pretty metal yeah.
We have used a lot of products and invested a lot of money in my skin. I used to use very expensive things to make my skin not hurt, but did they work? No.
Now this on the other hand!
Dove is a drugstore brand and this is the best damn bodylotion I’ve ever used.

When I use this stuff, I only have to use it once every three days.I used to have to do it twice a DAY.

Now, if you are sensitive to scents, this DOES have a scent. I like the scent of it, but if you are sensitive to them, be warned!
But honestly, if you have really dry skin, try this one. You might find your holy grail body lotion as well.

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