Adventure: Germany Day 1

Like last year, I went on a castle trip in Germany! But this time, I ‘m going to blog about it. Hold on tight, because it’s going to be a wild historic ride!

I’m cheating slightly, because this isn’t just day 1, but also the day we arrived, we didn’t do much on that day, it being a Sunday, so it doesn’t really “deserve” it’s own post.

I love going to Germany, I feel incredibly at home there. It might be because I’m quite close to my German grandma, or maybe it’s because of the heritage, but I enjoy being there very much. The food is great, the people are nice, everything is just slightly cheaper and most important of al, castles. Lots of them.


First of all, the weather was horrible. It was windy, gloomy, and it just not happy weather. We went to have a look around none the less!
This was the first castle we went to, Schönburg, I went here last year as well! It isn’t particularly special, I mean, it’s a hotel/restaurant, but it’s got some nice views.



After this, we went to our hotel, had dinner and went to sleep. I had the most uncomfortable pillow ever. Like, it didn’t have any filling in what so ever?????? I survived enough to tell y’all about our next day though!

DSCN2854The next one wasn’t my fav, so I don’t have much to tell about it, because I didn’t take a lot of photos. This is Ehrenbreistein, but it felt more like a sort of theme park than a castle tour. I like my history, and what I like the most about castles, is knowing who used to live there! The weather was horrible, it was raining and quite cold, and there were a lot of tourists. I also got attacked by a security guard and a satanic pigeon. Fun fact: I’ve got a massive bird phobia. There were a few interesting things going on, there was an exhibition about the ice age, and a photo exhibition.






Okay here we go with the satanic pigeon story. Ok. So. I am a HUGELY terrified of birds, always have been, must’ve been killed by them in a previous life. So we went through this tunnel cos it looked cool when SUDDENLY, while I was looking up, I saw something. I looked down and it was a pigeon. Obviously, I screamed because it’s terrifying. It didn’t move. Like it just sat there doing it’s thing. I went past it and then we realised we had to walk back because the road was closed, so I had to go past the satanic pigeon AGAIN. My dad chased it away and IT FLEW RIGHT AT ME. I saw my life flashing before my eyes I SWEAR. After that, the pigeons kept following me and were e-v-er-y-w-h-e-r-e.  They can smell fear, I know it.




So, basically, we got lost on our way there. There’s a Burg Sayn and a Schloss Sayn. We were supposed to go to the Schloss, which is at the bottom of the hill, but we ended up going to the Burg, the ruin. The walk was really nice though. I love climbing up hills, it makes me feel like I’m not sick and also very flexible!




We are all going to pretend my belt isn’t askew okay? Okay.
Last year I had this thing where I had to have a photo with me and the castle where ever we went. This year I didn’t do it for the Schloss and the first castle (basically, because I all ready HAVE one), but tomorrow will be better. I promise.



After our hike up to nowhere, we finally saw the light and went to the Schloss. It is quite tiny, and doesn’t really have an overall theme. Usually, castles show THEIR history, but this one just showed random pieces. Look how cute this kitchen set-up is though!


Also: goals in life. Another fun fact: I am obsessed with the history of fashion. I am also obsessed with princesses. Like, REALLY obsessed.  There was a special room about the women who were connected to this Schloss and their wedding dresses. Life was really good in that little room. There were lots of old pictures and lots of old dresses and it was glorious.


And the cutest thing of all: the children’s “toys”(feat. a great mirror image of me in the glass hi). Though doll houses were also kept by the women in a household, this tiny iron is to die for!!!

After that we went to Koblenz to shop, because you know, that’s what one does.

Serving manswear realness. Honestly, I love the H&M men’s section, it’s got some cool stuff.

Well, I’ve been working on this post for over an hour now, because internet is pretty shitty, so I’m calling it a night! You’ll be seeing tomorrow’s blogpost, next week. I hope you enjoyed reading my first “travel” post, and if you’ve got any tips or any questions, hit me up!




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