Shop Review: Beauty Bay

Today we are doing something new! I ordered from Beauty Bay and decided to share my experience with you guys!

Nothing is harder for Dutch people than ordering things online. If it’s not from Europe, we have to pay taxes. A lot of taxes. So, I am trying out more stores where we can actually order stuff without having to sell our soul to get these things. Like I mentioned, our first shop will be Beauty Bay.

beauty bay.jpg

Beauty Bay is a UK based make-up and beauty website. Now, I have to mention that I really don’t like the website. The website annoys the heckies out of me, but we’ll manage with that. Shipping was free after you spend more than 18 euros, which is reasonable, considering a lot of webstores offer free shipping after you pay more than 40 euros! It offers quite a lot of different brands, among others Besame (a brand I wanted to try for YEARS!) and the prices aren’t too steep.

I ordered three items, and placed my order on the 11th of August, delivery times between 5 and 7  days.


My order arrived on August 18th! It arrived in little box, even though it could’ve been just in an envelope, considering my order wasn’t that big. It’s a big plus for me, because at least you know that they care about how their orders get to their destination.


On top of the package was another layer of paper and the products were carefully wrapped in bubble-wrap, which is also a plus! Everything arrived safely and unbroken.

I won’t talk too much about the individual products, as I’m going to write reviews about those, but what I will mention is that the Morphe palette was also wrapped in another layer of bubble-wrap inside the packaging, which is even more of a plus! Nothing is worse than ordering makeup and it being broken when it arrives at your door.

Long story short, I am in love with this shop! I would definitely order from Beauty Bay again!

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