Review: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette


Oh how I love Too Faced. Oh how I hate that you can’t get Too Faced in Europe! So, when I was in London, I bought the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. Was it worth it?


Look how beautiful it is! As you may notice, I have used this palette quite a bit, some colours more than others. I will get into that in a bit!


The colours are divided into 3 lines, based on looks. You get a little handy dandy booklet with tips to guide you to get the perfect eye look, but obviously you can use the colours however you want to use them. The 3 looks are as follows: Day, Classic and Fashion. They all have a lighter shade, and then two darker shades. It’s a combination of mattes and shimmers.

This is the first set of shades: Day. Unfortunately, because I’m so pasty white, heaven doesn’t appear on my skin, and only leaves a very slight yellow tone. Which is really a downer for me, because I was hoping to have a nice light matte shade for a more authentic vintage look!
Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso are nice colours, but I don’t really use them that often. Sexpresso is too dark for my day looks, but they are really nice, buttery and matte.


After that we get my favourite shades in the Classic row! I use Silk Teddy ever day as an all over lid colour, and use Push-up as my crease shade. They are really nice, blend really well, and combine really nicely. Erotica is a bit too chunky and dark for me. It doesn’t preform as the other two shades, but it isn’t a bad shade overall.


Now we get the last row, Fashion! Nudie is a nice matte shade that is really light, so you need to add a bit more to make it appear. Honey Pot however is really opaque and really nice and shimery. Chocolate Martini looks slightly green in the pan, but it’s a really nice colour too.

Overall I’m really satisfied with this palette. It’s nice and compact and STURDY. It’s made out of some sort of tin. If you are looking for an every day palette, one that has got everything you need when you just need basics, get this one! I’m really happy with it, and this was a good purchase, I don’t really use any other eyeshadows on a daily basis, other than trying out for the blog of course!

Honestly, it’s got everything you need, so if you want to splurge on something that covers you on all fronts, get this!

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