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Review: Hand Food Hand Cream by Soap and Glory


I’m one of those lovely ladies with forever dry skin.  I do need the extra help with creams and lotions. So today we are going to talk about hand cream!

Soap and Glory is one of those brands that I totally buy for aesthetic reasons. If it works, it’s just a bonus to me!

Now, the cream is just like your average hand cream, white and a little bit thick. The scent is the typical Soap and Glory smell for the pink range, a more fruity floral scent. If you are sensitive to scents be careful!
How does it work though? Amazing! It absorbs into the skin really quickly, and doesn’t leave that nasty residue on your skin. I sometimes have this thing where hand creams make my hands even drier, but this one really nicely moistourizes my hands! I love this hand cream so much that I own 2 small tubes, one big tube and the desk dispenser of this same product- oops! But one cannot possibly have too many hand creams on hand!

If you have dry skin, I really recommend using this one! Hopefully it’ll work as great for you as it works for me!

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