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Children’s Book Sunday: Gruesome Guides Oxford by Terry Deary


Now,  I lived in Oxfordshire for a short while, and LOVED being in Oxford. When I saw that one of my favourite book series has a book about Oxford  I HAD to have it. And here we are for Children’s Book Sunday!


As you probably know by now,  I love history and the Horrible Histories series is the BEST history series there is. There. I said it. They are amazing for children. So how is this one, that’s just based on a city?

The set up is exactly like the HH books, but it did feel a bit… lacking. Now,  I did learn a lot from this book, but it just felt too short. It only has about 100 pages and it just feels like it could have 50 pages more to explain a little bit more. It’s not a bad book by far, but considering I’m such a huge Horrible Histories fan, I expected a little bit more… Oh, well! I’m still excited to add this one to my [ever growing] collection, because of the bond I have with Oxford!


You can get this book here.


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