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Review: Garnier Micellar Water


If you are remotely interested in skincare, you know of micellar water. It’s supposed to make removing makeup easy and cleanse your skin, but does it?

I use this after I double cleanse my face, to remove the last gross bits of that day’s makeup. I love that it’s in a big bottle, but you can get small bottles to, for on the go. Pro tip: you can actually reuse the little ones [with some force] so you can pour some of the big one in your little one and be eco- and travel-friendly!

How does it perform though?


This is only after 1 (one!) swipe guys. Isn’t that amazing? This is what I hoped the Simple Toner would do.It’s really impressive to me, considering this is a drugstore product!

I really like it’s effectiveness, it leaves you feeling clean, it doesn’t sting, and doesn’t make you break out. A great product in my eyes!

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