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Review: Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java


I really wanted to try this Bourjois Rice powder powder (yes, that’s what poudre de riz means). Why? Because of the packaging! I am shallow like that. But look at it! It’s beautifully old looking and I just couldn’t wait to try it! So I did.


This powder came back to live because of Bourjois’ 150th birthday. Their most iconic product in 1879 was the Rice Powder. And let me be a HUGE fan of anything related to the late 1800s. I didn’t have high hopes. Bourjois isn’t a brand that was highly rated in my book. Not that I tried much of it, but I am the type of gal that only likes what she knows. Which is horrible of me, I know! Let’s blame my ADD for it, shall we?

Enfin, I bought it and oh my gosh! This is a great powder! It beats my Shiseido powder, though they aren’t really fairly comparable. I use the Bourjois one everyday, because it makes my makeup last longer, smells nicely like flowers and old people (oh you know what I mean! It reminds me of entering an old room with lots of flowers on it’s wallpaper!) and it’s translucent enough for my pasty complexion. At first, when you look at it, it looks really pink. Then when you swatch it you will be blinded by the white gliterness that will shine upon you.


But when you use a brush, and sweep it over your face, it gives you a nice healthy glow. I prefer my makeup quite matte, but this makes it look like you are healthy, had enough sleep and can conquer the world because you look that amazing.

I love it. The packaging is adorable and compact, it fits in the palm of my hand, it smells nice (if you look flower old people smell that is!) and the product does it’s job. AND it’s drugstore. What else is there to love?


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