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Review: Lancôme Hydra Zen Day cream


I couldn’t talk about my nightcream without ever mentioning my day cream, now could I?! Recently, I bought the day version of my beloved Hydra Zen Nuit, and here are my thoughts on it!

Right of the bat I can tell you that this day cream is way more like a night cream, than my actual night cream is!
Maybe that’s why  I love this day cream so much?


It’s got a nice thick consistency, which makes it feel really moisterizing on the skin. But, with it being so thick, comes the problem that you need quite a bit more to apply to your whole face than the night cream. It doesn’t spread around easily, it’s more like a sunscreen consistency than a day cream. That doesn’t bother me too much, it just means a little bit more rubbing actions in the morning! Despite it being so thick, it sinks into the skin really quickly.


It does make your skin slightly more white when you apply it. After rubbing it in thoroughly it doesn’t like that white, but there is a slight white cast, just like sunscreen. Maybe this is due to the SPF that’s in it?

It also has the same daffodil smell as the night one does. It’s just a really odd smell, so if you are sensitive to it, try to smell it at the shops first!

It really has improved my skin in combination with the night cream. I’m a lot less red, I have almost 0 pimples, I’m less dry and sensitive … it’s a miracle worker in my eyes, in combination with the night cream!

Definitely try it out, if you have a similar skin to mine!

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