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Review: Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy


I’ve wanted this book for A-G-E-S. Why? I love dead people. Ok, that sounds disturbing, but I am fascinated by death and what happened to people. And boy, did  a LOT happen to dead people.

This, again, is a beautiful book. It’s got illustration throughout (though, small ones), but the first pages sum up the book perfectly.


Honestly, if I ever get buried (hopefully not while I’m alive) and some dapper looking skeleton will raise me from the dead so I can bully mere mortals SIGN ME UP.

But you might be wondering, Liselotte, what is this book actually about? Let me tell you.
Ever wondered what happened to Mozart after he died? Maybe Beethoven? Maybe even Elvis? This book will tell you. It is divided in chapters, based of the person’s achievements (while they were alive). So, scientists, musicians, writers… etc. Then the chapter will tell you about some of these people. Like Lord Byron, Einstein, and the previous mentioned musicians. And it’s GREAT.
Almost none of these people had a happy and peaceful eternal rest,  especially after phrenology became a thing. Everyone’s favourite pseudo-science!
I just can’t explain how amazing this book is. Does it have downsides though? Why, yes.
This book is one big white sausage fest, and that’s just not really my cup of tea. If I remember correctly there’s only one woman in this entire book. One.
Though, the author mentions this in the prologue. She explains that the book is almost completely about (white) men, because history is (quite often) written by white men. POC and women are almost always forgotten. Cheers buddy.
That is seriously the only reason why I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. If it had included more women and POC, it would’ve been 5. But maybe, hopefully, we could fill a whole new book with these people? That would be perfect.


Unfortunately, the hardback isn’t on the site anymore, but you can get the paperback here.


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