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Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Motherfpucker in Coral-my-bluff.


As you probably noticed, I love red lipstick. I barely ever wear lipgloss, and anything other than red? Too daring for me! But then I bought this plumping (!) lipgloss in a more peachy-pink shade. I was feeling very wild and adventurous that day.

And boy, I did not get disappointed! I’ve never used plumping products before, I like my lip the way they are, but I loved this colour so much… I had to have it! So I did.


Everything about this product is just like every other lipgloss. A doefoot applicator and a long cilinder where the product is kept. Nothing new and nothing interesting.


This is the most beautiful colour to have ever graced my lips. It’s a beautiful pinky peach shade, with golden glitters in it. It’s perfect.
Now, about the plumping, you can definently FEEL it. If you never used a plumping product before, it makes your lips go really really tingly for a couple of minutes. Nothing painful, luckily! The tingly part goes away and then you have (supposedly) bigger lips. Now, I haven’t noticed that much of a difference, but I don’t have small lips to begin with. [I mean, for a white girl at least].

The colour is quite pigmented, as you can tell by the swatch, but  I love to use the lipgloss to top off some of my lipsticks. I especially like to use it on top of my MAC Cremesheen Sweet Sakura. It pairs beautifully together!
The lipgloss also feels quite moisterizing. Which is always a bonus. Nobody likes crusty lips.
Oh, but what it also doesn’t do, is that weird thing when you put too much lipgloss on. You know what i’m talking about, the part where when you open your mouth there are strings of lipgloss EVERYWHERE. I haven’t noticed it yet with this one!!

Am I going to tell you to get this lipgloss for amazing plumping action? No.
Am  I going to tell you to get this lipgloss for it’s amazing colour and just because it’s the perfect lipgloss? YES.

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