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Review: Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder


I’m going to talk about a translucent powder today, while also showing off my amazing phone case in the reflection of the picture. Amazing!

All jokes aside, I’m really going to talk about the Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder.
After my search for a foundation, which took me literally years, I was in need of a powder to make the foundation stay in place. As I’m this special shade of mayonnaise white, I couldn’t find a powder in my shade. So, translucent it was!

I love Shiseido products, I use a couple in my daily skincare routine, but I hadn’t tried their makeup yet! Obviously, I was very curious as how this would work on me.
The compact gives you 7g of product which doesn’t sound that much, but I only hit pan after about 3+ months of daily use. Which is pretty impressive in my eyes. With the compact you get a sponge, but I don’t use that one, I use a brush to apply it to my face.
Now the powder, it does it’s thing. I guess. I do feel like it doesn’t keep the shine away that great. I still feel a bit sticky and shiny after I apply my foundation, no matter how much powder I put on my face. Though the product is supposed to be translucent, it does cast of a bit of white, so if you have a deeper skin tone than me you will probably notice this on your face. Be aware of that!
I haven’t noticed the powder clinging to dry places, which is also a plus. If you apply too much, it can get a little cakey, but nothing too noticeable.

Though I like this product, I don’t love it. It does the job, keeps my makeup in place but is it really worth the money? No, not really. Our search for a great translucent powder continues!

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