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Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo


I use a lot of dry shampoo. I’m not kidding, a lot. So, I think I can call myself an expert on dry shampoos, and here we are!

I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos in my life. The first I tried was when I was about 12-ish, we tried the Lee Stafford dry shampoo, and we never used it again. It left my hair grey, and that just wasn’t my look.

Flash forward 10 (!) years and dry shampoos are booming. Now I tried many, but the Batiste one’s are by far my favourite!
Not only do these smell nice, they really clean your hair. What I usually do is spray it in my hair the night before, or spray it in my hair before I do my makeup, so my hair can absorb all it’s cleaning goodness.
As you might be aware by my OGX Tea Tree Shampoo review  I’ve got a very sensitive scalp with eczema (oh joy!), which leaves my hair looking, well… quite gross. I use these on the days where it’s bad, but don’t want to wash my hair yet (over washing your hair makes your hair more oily!). It takes away all the grossness of my oily hair, but doesn’t irritate my scalp nor does it make my eczema worse- yay!
After I wake up, or when I’m done doing my makeup, I just rub it in a bit, and brush it out with a brush. And ta-da! Clean and nice looking hair! It doesn’t leave a white cast if you brush it out properly, and it doesn’t make your hair feel as if you’ve got product in it.

It does have one downside though, well, one specific one. The Volume XXL one smells fantastic, does the job, but leaves a bit more of a grey stain, makes your hair look less shiny and makes your hair feel quite dry and yes, as if you’ve got product in it. I usually only use this one if I’m going to wash my hair the next day, because otherwise it just looks kind of not good. Be aware of that before you buy this one!

Long story short: these are great, and are by far my favourite! If you are in need of a great dry shampoo, this is definitely one you should try it!


5 thoughts on “Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo”

  1. I have never tried dry shampoo but I have heard many great things about batiste i think it is about time I lose my dry shampoo virginity haha

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