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Review: Hysteria by Andrew Scull


I had such high hopes for this book. It seemed incredibly interesting! I mean, hysteria was the best excuse a man could use to get rid of their wife, why wouldn’t you want to know more behind the whole idea? Unfortunately, this book was a disappointment.

Tldr: Love yourself, never read this book.

But if you DO want to read more about why I hate this book, take a seat, grab a snack, and here we go.
This book was so incredibly awful. It was so awful I didn’t even finish it, which I almost never do. Though I didn’t, I felt the need to tell you all about this book, just so you would safe your money and don’t get angry like I did.  Now, I’m no historian (unfortunately!), but I do know some facts. This guy doesn’t. He used a lot of big words, to deflect from the fact he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Apparently, according to the author, hysteria still exists among people. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a form of hysteria, and thus, he says,  CFS doesn’t exist and people with CFS fake their symptoms and only want attention. Right, because people just decide to have this awful illness for attention.
The author wrote quite misogynistic, everyone’s favourite type of writer, and he just frustrated the living hell out of me. So please, love yourself, don’t read this book. Not even ironically, please just don’t.


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