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Review: College Girls by Lynn Peril

I’m a feminist. I’m also into history. I’m also into women. I’m also really excited about this book.ย 


This book has been on my most wanted book list for ages and here’s my review about it!
This book is basically the history of American college girls. Who would’ve thought?
I usually really do not read anything about American history, because I plainly don’t really care about it, but this one was the exception on the rule.

This book is secretly really funny. The author is a feminist herself, and has a really great way of telling her stories. With some really great photos she shows how it used to be (a woman in college? She must never want to get married! GASP!) and how some ideas are still the same even after almost 100 years (the sexualization of women going to college sounding familiar?).

One of my favourite things about this book, is that it doesn’t only talk about cis, white, straight women. It also talks about black women, gay women, bisexual women, and even some trans women!
It doesn’t just talk about “just women going to college”, but also fashion inspired by college women, how society thinks and reacts and what kind of schools and courses were available to women during the times.

But the best part of the book is that I actually learned something. And that’s the most important thing about a non-fiction book to me.

If you are looking for a funny history book about women, this is a really good book to read!
(You should anyways, because it’s great and amazing and you should)


You can buy this here.

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