Review: Blushing Hearts by I Heart Makeup

I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and when I saw these I HAD to have them!


I don’t really like it when brands copy other brands, but Too Faced isn’t a brand we get in the Netherlands, so for once I had to push my principles aside.
The packaging is made out of cardboard, the sturdy kind but it’s still cardboard. Because of it the lids slide of really easily. The product doesn’t have a noticeable smell.


Candy Queen of Hearts is a very pale pink shade. It’s a nice warm to neutral shade with a slight shimmer to it.
Unfortunately this one is the one I use the least, simply because it doesn’t show on my skin. I’m a very pale person and if it doesn’t show on my skin I’m slightly worried if it shows on anyone’s skin…


Bursting with Love is the shade I use every day. It’s a nice shimmery pink rose shade. It applies really easily and does show up on my skin. The pigmentation of this one is intense, a little goes a long way. A complete contrast to its sibling.


The camera really doesn’t do the colour justice. As you can tell, Bursting with Love is a lot more vibrant than Candy Queen.

I would totally recommend Bursting with Love, but maybe you should pass Candy Queen.


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