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Review: Lancôme Shine Lover 120 O my Rouge

Today we are going to talk about another high end lipstick, the Lancôme Shine Lover in number 120, O my Rouge. Here we go!


The first thing I noticed with this lipstick, is the sweet smell. It isn’t a horrible smell, but if you are sensitive to these kind of things, beware! The packaging isn’t that impressive, it’s a simple white tube with the little signature rose on top of the lid.


I picked this colour because first of all, it’s red, and it’s a nice summer-y colour. It applies very smoothly and easily.

verjaardag lippy

As you can tell it applies very sheer, but it’s a build-able colour. The “freshly applied lipstick feel” disappears rather quickly, so it feels like you aren’t wearing lipstick at all, this annoys me slightly.
The shine disappears quick too, after about an hour it’s completely gone. To me, that isn’t an issue, because I think the colour is more important than the shine, but if you are a lipstick that promote’s it’s “shine” qualities…

I don’t know whether I’d recommend this lipstick or not. I mean, I love mine and I use it regularly, but it is still high end and it doesn’t really preform like a high end lipstick. In comparison, I think the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick I reviewed before is a better option.

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