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Review: Yves Saint Laurent Vulopté Sheer Candy #10

I always wanted to own an Yves Saint Laurent lipstick. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the beautiful packaging, and I’m just a sucker for aesthetics (this is totally the reason why), but to realise that this lipstick also became the lipstick love of my life, I had to tell you guys about it!


There it is. In all its beautiful packaging glory. I always feel really fancy when I apply my lipstick in public. But is the lipstick as good as the packaging?

ysl .jpg

The colour I picked for my first was orange. I usually go for red lipsticks, but there was something about this one that I really, really adored!
The scent of these lipsticks is quite nice. It doesn’t smell chemical, more a sweet natural scent.
The application is very smooth, like a lipbalm.

ysl swatch

It’s a very sheer, but noticable colour. It leaves my lips looking really nice and shiny. That’s also the only downside, because this is a more glossy colour, it doesn’t last long. Two hours at most, maybe.

I totally recommend this lipstick though. It doesn’t dry out the lips, makes them look really nice, and the packaging is to die for. And it makes you feel really fancy when you apply it. What more do  you want?

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