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L’Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallible: 027 Goldmine and 002 Hourglass Beige

Today I’m going to tell you all about my go-to eye shadows!

oogschaduw loreal.jpg

I love these shadows. I use Hourglass Beige every day, and if I need a little bit more sparkle, I combine it with Goldmine. Hourglass is a very natural, neutral beige colour ( what’s in a name?) and it’s an every day colour.
Goldmine is a very bright gold shade ( again, who would’ve thought?!) and is really sparkly. The shadow isn’t chunky though, which makes me very happy.

The texture of the shadows is extremely soft and velvet-y. I enjoy putting this on my eyelids, because it’s so soft and doesn’t irritate me.
The next swatches are made without the use of a primer, this is the colour payoff which is “naturally” brings.

On the left Goldmine and on the right Hourglass
I prefer to use my fingers with these shadows though, a brush doesn’t pick up the pigment very well, nor does it show the glitters in it. Glittery shadows are best used with fingers because of this reason. That’s my only downside to these shadows.

Beside that little issue, they are really nice colours and totally recommend them!

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