Review: Consult the Oracle

I love silly books. I love books that were “guides” in by-gone times. I adore them, and Old House Books makes the best ones yet. Today I will talk about a Victorian Guide, so here we go!


As you can tell by the cover, this book is about Folklore and fortune telling. I’m a sucker for folklore, so that’s why I picked up this book.


The book is divided into seven chapters:

  • Everyday Superstitions
  • What we ay learn from animals
  • charms and spells
  • understanding the supernatural
  • beings from other worlds
  • what we may learn from the body
  • the interpretation of dreams

Each chapter tells you little things such as what are unlucky animals? Why is it dangerous to wear yellow and green? Why shouldn’t I get married during lent? How should I sneeze if I want to be lucky?

This little book is really amusing, but not as fun as Things a Woman wants to Know, also by Old Books. Most things I all ready knew, because they are still superstitions today, such as breaking a mirror or what to do when you spill salt.

Long story short, an endearing little book, but you won’t be missing out lots if you don’t read it!


You can buy this here.

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