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Review: Dolly Wink Eyeliner (black)

Today I’m going to tell you about my favourite eyeliner. Now, I’ve used many an eyeliner in my day, and some were better than others, but my all time favourite is the Dolly Wink one. Why? Keep reading!


First off all, just look at that packaging, isn’t it beautiful? As you might’ve noticed, this one looks different than the one I used in my Dolly Wink Dupe post, and that’s true. They recently repackaged the eyeliner, and I prefer it this way, it looks adorable.


I mean, COME ON, it is really Liz Lisa-esque and you can’t go wrong with that, in my opinion. Ok, back to the real review, the product;


As you can tell, the tip is really sharp and made out of tiny hairlike fibers. You really need to get used to the eyeliner before it works perfectly for you, because of the fibers. The lightest touch will get eyeliner everywhere, which isn’t a bad thing when you’ve got a steady hand, but when you don’t have one, it’s a problem. I’m one of those. Every time I get a new one, I need to practice if I want to have a perfect line.


The pigment is a true black, not a grey-ish type of black, nope, it’s really black. They do also sell a “normal” black and brown, but I haven’t tried those (yet).

The eyeliner is a bit more pricey than others, but the last one I bought I used every day for a year, I still have some product left in it, but it dried out a little bit. That’s after a year. A YEAR.  That’s a really long time for a liquid eyeliner, believe me, I’d know.

You can tell why this is my favourite eyeliner, can’t you? It’s available online and in your local Asian beauty supply store!

3 thoughts on “Review: Dolly Wink Eyeliner (black)”

  1. Nice review! I’ve heard a lot of things about Dolly Wink eyeliner and their lashes, too!


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