Review: L’Oréal Paris Color Riche ‘Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks

Yes hello again friends! Today I’m going to talk about Liquid Lipsticks, so let’s get started!


Today’s colours are 204 Tangerine Sonate and 301 Rouge Soprano, an orange and a red! First of all the packaging, I really like it. I usually like L’Oréals packaging, because it always looks more high-end. The colour in the middle is plastic, and isn’t actually seethrough as I thought. The colours do really represent the colours in the tube, so it isn’t as if you suddenly get a pink lipstick.

loreal liquid lipstick oranje The brushes are quite thick, which I find really easy in use. The product goes on really smoothly with it. They are really soft as well, which I like. You do get a lot of product on the brush when you apply, so be weary of that.

loreal lippies

These are the swatches, the orange one is more opaque, and is the one I dislike the most. The colour goes on really ugly, it looks cakey, makes line really noticeable and is just plain horrible. The red HOWEVER is amazing. Makes your lips look really nice and full, is really glossy, not too opaque,  and has a really nice staying power! They both don’t dry out your lips, which is also a good plus!

I would totally recommend the red one, and would strongly advice you to NOT buy the orange one, honestly. There are better oranges on this planet.

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