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Book Review: How to Kill your Husband by Kathy Lette

Always wanted to kill your significant other? Want to know what to do if you ever got suspected of doing so? Then How to Kill your Husband (and other handy household hints) is a good read for you. DSCN1307   Lately all I’ve been talking about is “old” books. About history or actually written in a different era. This book is different. I bought it while on holiday and it’s a really good holiday read. It’s not too heavy and really, really funny.

Very short summary: Jazz’s (a rich stay at home mum) husband dies, of unnatural causes, while on holiday in Australia. Jazz gets suspected by the police almost immediately. Her two best friends , Cassie (a not so rich, teacher and mum)  and Hannah (a childless artist), are trying to get her out, by proving it wasn’t Jazz who caused her husband’s death. What follows is a hilarious take on events. The book is written for ladies that are a little older than me, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Personally I really, really despise reading/hearing/seeing anything with sex in it. Just freaks me out, but this book is so funny, I bravely kept reading it.  I’ve read this book three times. At least.  Like I said, the book is a light read, a really great holiday book, and I fully recommend you reading this book, if murdering your partner is something that gets on your mind occasionally.


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