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Book review: Things a Woman wants to Know

Always wanted to know what you could do to help your ostrich feathers to keep looking as if they’ve just been plucked from an ostrich? No worries! This book will teach you this, and many other tricks.


[I don’t understand the cover though. It’s one of those wrapped around paper things, does it even have a name? I don’t see the purpose of it and it annoys me, like WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Enfin, let’s start with the review!]

Now, I love history. I also have a sense of humour (believe it or not!) and Old House Books are right up my alley. They publish books that were legit books in times gone by. Things a Woman wants to Know is a book for women during the Edwardian period. It covers everything from housekeeping to appearances, this book as it all.
It’s not a story book, but just a book with tips. It’s set up in five chapters, which are also divided.
The chapters are:

  • Keeping up appearances
  • Medical matters
  • In the nursery
  • The kitchen
  • Happy housekeeping

Basically everything an Edwardian housewife would want to know!
It’s a very amusing read and shows how much life has changed (we now have washing machines, instead of doing it by hand!) and at the same time so little.

If you enjoy the Edwardian period and want to know a little more about normal house life in that era, I definitely recommend this book!


You can get this book here.

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