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Review: Maybelline The Smokes Eyeshadow Palette

Want to buy an eyeshadow palette with smoky colours, but don’t want to spend lots and lots of money? Then maybe the Maybelinne The Smokes Palette is one for you!


Recently I bought myself this palette. I love palettes, they are really convenient, you don’t have little eyeshadow packages floating about and always have complementary colours together. I really liked these colours, some are matte and others really sparkly.


There are warm colours in the palette, but also more cool toned ones, so that’s a plus on it’s own. My favourite colours are the 4th on the top, and the second of the bottom. They are really sparkly and look really nice!

The pigmentation of this palette is a bit of a hit and miss. Some colours are really great, and others
not so much.


These are the colours from the first row. As you can tell, you almost can’t see the second and fourth colours. I use the 4th for extra sparkle, but won’t use this one without my primer underneath. The others are really nice and have reasonable pigmentation.


I’m most disappointed with the last row. You can’t even see the last one, the pink. It’s really unfortunate, because I like putting pink on my lids. The sparkle in the eyeshadows are great though. They actually sparkle, but they aren’t painful sparkle flakes, like with glitter.

Some of the colours are really chalky, and leave a lot of residue on my brushes, others don’t. So it’s a bit of a hit and miss on that topic as well.

Do I recommend this palette? Sure, if you like sparkle and smoky colours and aren’t too fussed about chalkiness. It’s also a reasonable drugstore product. I do recommend using a primer underneath, like this one, because otherwise some colours just won’t show up.

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