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Review: Catrice Absolute Bright Palette and Eyeshadow Primer

Today I’m going to do a double review, of the Catrice Bright Palette and the Catrice Eyeshadow primer. Let’s jump right into it!


Let’s start with the palette, because I’m not all too keen on it. The colours look lovely in the palette, a nice white, a yellow gold, a dusty light pink, a darker pink/purple, a dark lilac and a light brown. They are all shimmery. The eyeshadows are really powdery, and when I tap my brush, more excess powder falls off the brush than stays on it. Not too keen on that. They are also incredibly pale. You can barely see them when I swatch them.


I am quite disappointed in the palette, if I’m honest. But fear not, because it does get better.
But first, the primer.


The primer says: intensifying eyeshadow base that improves durability, and boy does it intensify. At first I thought the colour was too dark for my very white complexion, but it wasn’t an issue at all. It has a doe foot applicator, and it’s easy to use.


Now for the swatches:


These are the same colours as used in my first swatch, but underneath it is the primer. As you can tell, the colours are a lot more vibrant. All of them are more noticeable, except for the 3rd, pale pink one. For the sake of this review, I did not edit both the swatches, except for cropping the picture. I also used natural sunlight. What about the other promise? Improving durability? I can honestly say that the eyeshadows stay on longer and are a lot more vibrant than without the primer.

Conclusion: do I recommend this palette? No. Maybe with the primer, but not on it’s own. Do I recommend this eyeshadow primer? Totally! It’s a good, cheap, drugstore alternative for an eyeshadow primer.

2 thoughts on “Review: Catrice Absolute Bright Palette and Eyeshadow Primer”

  1. Oh wow it is true that the eyeshadows are not pigmented at all! Did you try putting them wet? Sometimes the colours can appear even more vibrant!


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