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Kao Essential Damage-Care Nuance Airy Hair Mask Review

Hello hello!
Today I’m going to tell you something about the best thing that happened to me this year: Kao Essential Damage-Care Nuance Airy Hair Mask! Yes, I know, it’s a whole mouth full, but wow, this product is amazing!

You probably know that moment, your hair is starting to rat (ew!), your hairbrush doesn’t want to go through your hair without pulling out 5 million hairs, your regrowth is so big that it puts the Alps to shame, and your split ends are so high, you should probably shave all your hair off. But money for the hairdressers? Nope! This is my problem right at this moment, so as a temporary solution, I bought a new hairmask. It changed my life for the better.

What is this hairmask? This hairmask was the biggest rage in Japan for a while, and it has shea butter, honey, and milk protein in it. It’s an intensive mask for people with damaged hair. It promises to make your hair soft and bouncy. You use this in between using your shampoo and conditioner, and leave it on for five minutes. I use a showercap to really let it soak into my hair. After your done bathing/showering, your hair is amazingly soft and it gives a little bit of volume too!

I have natural curly/wavey hair, and after a horrendous visit to the local hairdresser (at first they didn’t cut my hair right, and they used the wrong hairdye too!) , my curls disappeared and it felt extremely dry and damaged. This mask gave me my curls back, made my hair soft, and it doesn’t feel dry or damaged at all! And best point  overall is that it doesn’t make my hair greasy at all.

The substance is unlike any other hairmask I’ve tried before. It feels a little rough, and thick. There’s about 200 ml in a pot, but I only need the tiniest amount to cover my whole head and hair. This will last really long, hoozah! It smells like sour apple candies, and it’s amazing. The smell stays in your hair afterwards too, so you will smell like candy, but not disgustingly sweet.
Conclusion: do you have damaged hair that needs some TLC? Did you have curls, but are they gone now? Do you like sour apple candies? Than this is the most amazing product you will ever try!

You can buy it online, or if you are lucky, in your local Asian beauty supply store!

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